Platelet Rich Fibrin

As we age, experience hormonal changes, or as a result of genetics, our face, body, and hair can
change in unexpected ways. Our eyes and cheeks can appear sunken in. We develop vertical lines around our mouth commonly mistaken for “smokers lines”. Our hands start looking boney and our buttock flattens. Women experience thinning hair, receding hairlines, and bald spots. All of these changes are a result of lost fat, lost tissue, and declining growth factors.

Dr. Joe Doctora offers Platelet Rich Plasma and Fibrin (PRP and PRF) rejuvenation to help turn
back the clocks on your face, body, hair, and complexion without surgery or downtime! Our own fatcells and our own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin can help prevent hair loss, create healthy hair growth, and regenerate and restore lost volume, anywhere on the face and body.

These treatments also help to prevent aging before it begins. Research demonstrates that our own Platelet Rich Plasma and Fibrin the power to heal and regenerate tissue in all areas of our body. PRP and PRF treatment use your own platelets rich in growth factors to generate new collagen and blood supply. The treatment helps to repair and regenerate damaged skin and reverse the signs of aging.

PRP and PRF can be combined with almost every treatment or procedure to enhance results.
PRP and PRF combined with microneedling enhances the results by infusing the growth factors
deep into the skin. This infusion process improves the overall quality, tightness, and texture of their skin. Some patients choose PRP and PRF as stand-alone treatments to improve the overall quality, tightness, and texture of their skin. Other patients improve the thickness and health of their hair with PRF injections.

What is a Growth Factor? 

A growth factor is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth,
proliferation, and cellular repair. Our bodies produce natural growth factors. They are found in high
concentrations in our own fat and our own blood. Growth factors in our fat and Platelet Rich Plasma or Fibrin (PRP and PRF) can help prevent and improve our aging skin and underlying tissue. We are able to separate growth factors by separating our red blood cells from our platelet rich plasma.

What is PRP and PRF?

Platelet Rich Plasma or Fibrin (PRP / PRF) is an all-natural anti-aging solution that can remedy the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve skin texture. Created within a small sample of your own blood, PRF has natural healing properties that work to revitalize the skin on a cellular level.

How are PRP and PRF created?

PRP and PRF is created within a small sample of blood withdrawn from you at the time of your
appointment. Once the sample has been taken, it is inserted and spun in a centrifuge. Blood plasma, white and red blood cells, and other growth properties bond as the sample spins, creating the PRP formula. The PRP solution is purified and the platelets are preserved, creating PRP and PRF.

Is PRP and PRF rejuvenation safe?

Yes! Since PRF derives from a sample of your own blood, there is virtually no risk of disease or a
severe allergic reactions.

Who may be a candidate for PRP and PRF rejuvenation?

PRF rejuvenation may be ideal for you if you are looking for an all-natural, non-surgical means of
correcting age lines and uneven skin texture. Our team will evaluate your medical history in order to determine if you may be a potential candidate for this exciting anti-aging treatment.

Are PRP and PRF treatments painful?

PRP or PRF is a quick and painless treatment. It is performed in the office with no or minimal
downtime. The treatment requires a small amount of blood which is drawn from you. Then, the
platelets are separated from the blood using our PRP skin improving protocol. Once the PRP is
prepared, injections or other topical treatment are performed with minimal discomfort.

How does PRP and PRF treatments rejuvenate skin?

Research demonstrates that our own Platelet Rich Plasma and Fibrin and has the power to heal and regenerate tissue in all areas of our body. Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells. When Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is properly injected into specific areas of the skin, it promotes your own collagen growth, regenerates tissue, and naturally soothes and tightens the skin. Studies document that PRP grows new collagen when injected into the skin, and new studies show that PRP can soften sun damage and other aging skin issues.

Are PRP and PRF safe for cosmetic use?

Yes, PRP has been safely and effectively used for cosmetic treatments. PRP has been used in
orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery for over 30-years. Now PRP and PRF
uses are expanded for use in speeding up wound healing as well as for cosmetic face and hand

How much improvement can I expect from PRP or PRF and how long will it last?

Since PRP comes from your own body the results vary for each person. Our patients have
noticeable improvement in the tone, texture, and overall quality of their skin. They have been
impressed with the results. Some of Dr. Doctora’s patients have experienced improved volume
in their hands and faces, as well as a shorter recovery from procedures. Results begin to show
3-4 weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve with time. One to six treatment
sessions are generally recommended, spaced 1-2 months apart, to achieve the best outcome.

What to expect during and after the PRP or PRFprocedure? 

A small amount of blood will be drawn from you and the PRP is prepared. The injections take a few moments and are only mildly uncomfortable. The procedure is quick, relatively painless, and
requires no post-procedure care or time off from daily events. Mild swelling, redness, or bruising
fades within 1-3 days.

Have you ever heard of that expression “growing older is mandatory, but growing up is
optional”? Well, we may grow older in years, but that doesn’t mean that we have to like it! And,
sometimes, the aging process strikes early, which can be really frustrating. Different factors
such as sun exposure, lifestyle habits, and even genetics, can play a role in how we age.
How often do you find yourself looking in the mirror, scrutinizing your appearance? Perhaps
you’ve started to notice little lines on your face or lost volume. You may have also started to
notice skin discoloration or texture changes in different areas of your body. You might not be
able to stop time, but you can still turn back the clock!

At Dr. Joe Doctora’s, we offer several procedures to help restore the youthfulness of your
appearance, including PRF, or platelet rich fibrin. PRF is similar to PRP (platelet rich
plasma)….but even more advanced!

Here are 4 reasons why you should give it a try.


PRF is a treatment that involves the use of your body’s own platelets, which is one of this
treatment’s most unique qualities. Your treatment begins with a blood draw, no different than
one you might have at a lab. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge, which separates out the
PRF (platelet rich fibrin).


The growth factors found in PRF are key to helping reverse the telltale signs of aging. It has a
higher concentration of platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells, along with a small amount of stem
cells. The platelets attach to the fibrin network and release the growth factors that are
responsible for creating new skin cells, collagen, and blood vessels. The growth factors in PRF
are also released slower than in PRP, which provides the added bonus of a longer lasting
anti-aging treatment!


PRF has been used in the medical field to promote faster healing following surgical procedures,
such as bone grafts, dental implants, and more. It can also promote healing following cosmetic
surgery procedures. Strategically injected, PRF can be placed anywhere on the face or body,
which can then lead to an improvement in texture, tone, discoloration, and the overall health of
your skin.


We offer a variety of different treatments that are aimed at improving the appearance of your
skin and helping you to achieve the younger skin you’ve been longing for. These treatments
include dermal fillers and microneedling. All of these treatments offer their own unique benefits.
Even different fillers have different properties that make them unique. PRF can be used with any
combination of these treatments in order to provide greater improvement and help you to
achieve your specific goals.

PRF is a 100% pure blood product with higher concentrations of healing platelets versus PRP
(platelet rich plasma). And it releases growth factors over a longer period of time—all contained
right in your own body! PRF is a unique treatment in that it uses your body’s own healing cells
for more youthful skin.