Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Dental implants are 100% metal-free and 100% biocompatible with human bone. Complete osseointegration has been confirmed clinically and scientifically. Additionally, the soft tissue response to these materials exceeds that of titanium. Zirconia is comparable to the metallic counterpart in form and function.

Metal Sensitivity

Dr. Doctora is placing these implants in holistic-minded patients requesting metal-free, as well as patients with a history of alloy sensitivity.


There is no electrical charge or conductivity with this material. That is a benefit in terms of bacterial growth on the surface of the implant. Although the oral hygiene and maintenance of the restoration is squarely the responsibility of the patient, this non-conduction quality is beneficial. Strength Properties of Zirconia famously include durability and rigidity. Very important qualities in restoring dental function esthetic.

In addition to incredible strength, the soft tissue response is exceptional. That results in healthier gums and as a result a better aesthetic result. Especially in the anterior (front) teeth. With titanium, the collar (the part of the implant closest to the surface ) is made of metal, and there is an occasional gray hue that is evident through the gums which can be a problem and anterior teeth.

That issue is eliminated with the use of ceramic or zirconia dental implants. Primarily because the color of the implant itself is white and mostly because the reaction of the soft tissue is favorable, so the tissue remains pink and happy.


Generally speaking these Materials are more expensive and more difficult to mass-produce. As a result, expect a 15 to 25% premium compared to traditional titanium implants.